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i’m so pumped for my disney trip in septemeber!


So the dates changed a little, originally we were planning on the week of the 14, but my mom wanted my dad home for their anni and didn’t want to come so we jumped to the next week because i want to go in September, (i’ts my favorite disney month, it’s the perfect temperature, way less crowds, and i love it) but get this, if we jump to the next week, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. WHICH MEANS I GET TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY AT DISNEY 2 YEARS IN A ROW.  AND THEN, MICKEY’S NOT SO SCARY IS ON MY BIRTHDAY. I GET TO BE MERIDA ON MY BIRTHDAY HOW STELLAR IS THIS? I’M SO EXCITED. LIKE NOT ONLY DO I GET TO HAVE ANOTHER BIRTHDAY AT DISNEY, I GET TO DRESS UP LIKE MERIDA FOR HALF THE DAY. image




Ever been to Epcot Food and Wine Festival? One of my favorite things at Disney and you can definitely eat your way around the world much cheaper than any other time of year.


Disneyland and Walt Disney World now have guidebooks for guests with cognitive disabilities (such as autism). They include the above charts of what to expect at each attraction (strong smells, loud noises, restraint types used, duration, and more), lists of quiet areas for when you need down time, and answers to frequently asked questions, among other tips.

They are available to download in PDF format: Disneyland | Walt Disney World

If you don’t want to download a PDF (or prefer to click the download link on Disney’s site directly), here are their pages for Services for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities: Disneyland | Walt Disney World

Useful information.



So I’m going to Disney world, in august and I’m wondering what’s vegan there? (Snack; food wise, lol) Like anything you know would be great.

There should be vegan options at many places.  Ask servers (at sit-down restaurants) or cashiers (at counter service spots).  They should be able to tell you.  I’m pretty sure most places have at least one option.  Here’s a list of all the restaurants/food courts and their menus.

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