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Studio Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios closing September 27


I’m really sad about this. I have such wonderful memories of the attraction from when I was a young child, and it hurts to know its going away forever. The fact that the attraction was no longer a big draw is all on Disney. It is their failure.

My opinion is that this Backlot Tour and The Great Movie Ride should be the absolute PINNACLES of what Hollywood Studios is all about. They both could be regularly updated, expanded and marketed with success. You have almost endless possibilities with what you can do and change with them, keeping the attraction fresh for people every few years. There is plenty of room for Disney to incorporate Star Wars, in Hollywood Studios or as a fifth gate. Ugh.



So glad I got to take my wonderful parents to #WaltDisneyWorld and the #EpcotFoodandWineFestival for their 40th anniversary!!! #goodfood #greatcompany #nofilter #lovinglife #Disney (at Epcot - Walt Disney World)

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